My Books For Sale:

Scoliosis- My daughter has it. A Mother’s Story.

My story about my daughter, who at the age of 13 was diagnosed with scoliosis.

Over the following 8 years despite 3 major operations, it is a condition she still has today. Read my story about what we went through and my feelings as her mother, watching her undergo surgery.

My book can be found on Amazon priced £4.50 paperback also available as an e-book for £2.25.

The sunrise/sunset on the cover on my book represents that no matter what life throws at you the sun will still rise every morning and still set every night.

Many Thanks.

My 2nd book I have published is called: La Grande Maison. ( The Big House)

It is my story about a time I lived in France with my three children all under the age of 11 as a single parent after my divorce, was this my escape route or had I just added to my problems. This is a true story of my battle to survive in another country.

Read my adventures in La Grande Maison.

My book can be found on Amazon in paperback priced £5.00 and available as an e-book £2.50

The cover of my book is the actual house I stayed in…. La Grande Maison.

La Grande Maison.