Lincolnshire: Skegness, Butlins

In 2017 we had a weekend break at Butlins Skegness, myself and my two adult children decided we would go for a Gold accommodation, self-catering. The apartment was very spacious, we had a bedroom each, a lounge area with a large television, a bathroom and a small kitchen area, with all the electrical items that were bought with us; hair straighteners, hairdryers, laptops etc ( and that was just in my son’s suitcase!) we found there were not enough plug sockets.

On the first evening, I bought a pizza from the supermarket on-site to cook for tea, firstly we could not find the electric switch for the oven, after searching what seemed like forever we found it on the wall hiding behind the microwave! next, we were searching for something to lay the pizza on to cook it, with no baking tray in sight we opted for a glass lid from a casserole dish, when the pizza looked done we were then searching for oven gloves to remove the dish from the oven, no oven gloves so I used the tea towel, obviously not covering my hands and arms enough, I burnt my wrist! So I would say it was not a properly equipped kitchen.

Butlins never fails to give good entertainment, the live shows and bands always deliver a good show no matter what your age. We watched some live wrestling only to see one of the wrestlers the following evening in a band dancing!

The swimming pools are always busy but with four different pools and three large water slides, there seems to be room for one more swimmer.

I have been going to Butlins on and off since the age of three, with my parents and now with my children, to me, it’s a comfort zone holiday just right for that short break, over the years I have seen many changes. No longer do they hold the knobbly knees contest or the dad and his lad competition. The donkey derby has been replaced by high robes and crazy golf. The red coats are still there and still with their enthusiasm and kindness as they did forty or so years ago.

Each trip has had its moments of happiness and frustration.

Would I go back again…………. of course I would!

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