Ely: Cambridgeshire.

December has arrived with Coronaviris still with us and another lockdown here in England for four weeks where no-one can travel around, I have found it hard to visit anywhere along with the rest of us sightseers. As the temperature drops the weather in the first week of December 2020 has covered everything from rainy days to frost, fog and even a dusting of snow. I did manage to take some photos of our unpredictable weather. The towers of Ely Cathedral in the distance poking through the fog, a red sky at night and the warning of a red sky in the morning that the snow then followed a few days later.

Ely Cathedral stands proud, whatever the weather and today on my visit it was foggy. Inside, a social distance walk around this magnificent building stands the Christmas tree, and the stained glass windows each telling a story. Even though I have seen them many times, I still stand and see something I haven’t seen before. I can never tire stepping into this Cathedral, the calmness it holds in this crazy world at the moment, it gives you time to reflex. Even if it was freezing inside.

MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE, and here’s to a normal 2021.

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