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Longleat has been on my bucket list for what seems like forever. In the Easter holidays I managed a visit and can now cross it off my list.

Longleat, home to Lord Bath and his family who still live in the grand home. Placed near Warminster in Salisbury. One price to enter allows you to wander through the park and see everything you want to see.

A drive through the safari in the car getting close to the cheetahs, lions and camels. The monkeys on car roofs hitching a ride. A must is feeding the deer out of the car window, a experience that will last forever. Plenty of other large animals to look at and get close to. This takes about an hour or so to complete the drive-through.

A look around the grand stately home built in 1580. Its magnificent rooms are a wonder to wander through at your leisure. Lord Bath’s quarters are within the grand building and you walk yards from his front door. Beautiful large rooms decorated  exquisitely.

A boat ride around the lake where you enjoy the closeness of the sea-lions barking right beside the boat waiting for any fish you may throw at them. Monkey island and it’s find the hippo in the lake.

A train ride around part of the part finished my day off nicely. It was a long day, arriving at 10:0am and leaving at 6:0pm, I didn’t have time to get lost in the hedge maze. There are plenty of eating places and picnic areas.

There is a walk around small animal zoo including the red panda, pythons and don’t forget to look at the penguins. The butterfly house and the bat cave. Lots of souvenir shops to buy that gift to take home.

I recommend a visit but allow all day, good value for money, with lots of memories to look back on.





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