Somerset: Nunney.

In a small Somerset village home to less than 1,000 people lies a beautiful ruin of a small castle. The castle dates back to 1370, surrounded by a moat with water still in it today, you cross a small bridge to enter into the ruins. The castle built by Sir John de la Mare, he was a local knight who was enjoying royal favour who lived in the castle displaying his power in the community. Over the years it was modernised and in 1560 it was bought by a rich Londoner Richard Prater. In 1645 during the English Civil War, it was damaged by the Parliamentarians. The shell of the tower was taken into state guardianship in 1926. Now owned by English Heritage it is free to wander around. It was known as Sir John’s Castle.

The small castle with it’s four turrets would have contained a kitchen on the lower floor, a grand hall on an upper floor, bedrooms and a chapel. probably in one turret would have been the stairs to the upper levels.

It was a joy to step off the bridge into a small piece of history, although only ruins now but back in the day of Knights and castles we can only imagine what a splendid place this would have been. It is definalty worth a look around.

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