Suffolk: Lavenham.

A peaceful village in Suffolk lays Lavenham, known for its quaint tea rooms, its medieval buildings including the guildhall which is now owned by the National Trust, this building alone claims so much history and a must-see, it’s 15th-century church and most recently the Harry Potter films.

This is a village you can visit , park up and walk around. Take in the sights of stepping back in to the 1500s.

I made my visit on a sunny crisp November. The ages of the buildings, the shape, how they lean on each other, have stood the test of time. Have stood and seen so much history past their doors. Much of this village displays these fascinating buildings. On my trip, I was in amazement of everything all around me.

Lavenham hosts small independent shops, small businesses, gift shops, tourist information centre, tea-rooms and bed & breakfast establishments.

The 15th- century buildings of Lavenham

At the time of writing this, we are in the coronavirus lockdown, with no one going anyway. BUT when this lockdown finally ends and we are looking for somewhere unique to go I am sure Lavenham will welcome visitors and the trade once more.

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