Cambridgeshire: The Fitzwilliam Museum

DSCN6206Why is it that we never visit places on our own doorstep.

We travel miles on holiday to sightsee all the places of interest but never look at what is local and just around the corner from home.

So living in Cambridgeshire, England, I decided to The Fitzwilliam Museum in Cambridge.

I was amazed with the age and splendour of the building, packed full of painting of Monet, Constable and other famous painters. Egyptian tombs where Egyptian mummies were once laid to rest. Ornaments of every shape, colour and age. Some edged with gold, some are just fragments of time gone by.

Armour worn by Knights of old, once fought in major battles for King and Country. Weapons of every shape that has seen war of every kind.

Such an interesting place packed with so much history.

And it was free to enter, not bad for an afternoon out.


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