London: The Savoy

Not knowing what to do for my special birthday last year, a party was not on my list of celebrating such a mile stone of years!

My adult children decided to chose something from my bucket list.

So we went to London on the train and had afternoon tea at The Savoy. What an experience! The place oozed with elegance and style, staff waiting on you like you were the most special guest they had served that day. We were seated at our table and napkins were placed on our laps. A lady in an evening gown was playing the piano in the corner, the paintings on the wall and the décor was magnificent.

We ordered tea from a menu of 50 types. I had black vanilla chai which was lovely, one of my son’s just had English breakfast tea ( good old builders tea!)this was all served in bone china cup and saucers and poured from silver teapots.

The finger sandwiches were served on a three tiered plate stand, they tasted divine of  salmon filling and other such delicacies, fruit and plain home baked scones were served next with strawberry jam and clotted cream. Fruit tartlets and pastries were next on the menu, a delight to look at and even more of a delight to eat. Followed by fruit cake. The butler for our table was constantly filling up our cups with more tea. Nothing was any trouble.

Then the pianist started playing Happy Birthday and everyone was singing, a butler arrived at our table placing a small birthday cake with a candle in it, in front of me!

Even the wash room was impressive, with gold coloured taps and fresh white towels for your hands.

Several hours later we wobbled out feeling stuffed, happy and very satisfied.

It was one of the best presents ever…….Must do it again………maybe The Ritz next time!   Sovoy 11Sovoy 7

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