Warwickshire: Stratford-Upon-Avon.

William Shakespeare’s birthplace.

English poet, playwright and actor.

One of eight children William Shakespeare was born in this house in 1564 on Henley Street in Stratford -Upon-Avon. Son of John and Mary Shakespeare. The house was also the glover’s shop where John had a glove-making business, the outbuildings would have been used for storage of animal skins for making the gloves as well as livestock of pigs and hens.

Much later a 2-room cottage was added to the western end of the house which is now known as Joan Hart’s cottage, this was where William’s sister Joan lived with her husband William Hart. When John Shakespeare died in 1601, William inherited the house, he leased part of the property and it became The Swan Inn. When William died in 1616, he left it to his eldest daughter Susanna and when Susanna died she left it to her daughter Elizabeth.

When visiting Stratford upon Avon visiting the birthplace of Shakespeare is on the to-do-list. There are several properties connected with Shakspeare all within walking distance to each other including Anne Hathaway’s Cottage, Hall’s Croft and Shakespeare’s New Place. Set on the beautiful surrounding of the river Avon.

These old timber framed buildings built in the 1500s have stood the test of time and give us a brief in-sight of what life was like back in the day of a great story-teller.

This was a place I visited several years ago, I am writing this post during the Covid-19 pandemic and unfortunately, some of these beautiful tourist attractions cannot open due to social distancing please check first to avoid any disappointment.

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  1. Lovely post Annette!
    Are they the cottages next to the castle? I saw some cottages very similar, while walking the battlements at Warwick Castle.

    • Hello Deb.
      The birthplace of William Shakespeare in Stratford-Upon-Avon is about 20 minutes away from Warwick Castle, this was a visit I made several years ago. At the moment, unfortunately, some of the William Shakespeare houses are shut due to the lack of room to enable social distancing.

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