Wiltshire: Stonehenge

Stonehenge near Salisbury in Wiltshire. There is not many people who have never heard of Stonehenge, I was luckily enough to visit during the spring of 2019, but oh my what a disappointment.

The entry fee was £20 plus £5 to park to car, but if you are a National Trust member or English Heritage member the entrance and car park fees were free. I am a member of the National Trust so that eased my purse strings! The large shop selling everything you could imagine with the stones on. So there is plenty to take home to remind you of your trip. Plenty of public toilets and a coffee shop.


A bus ride takes to you to the site where these precious stones lay. A path guided you around the stones, a few photos were taken and within the hour I was queuing to catch the bus back to the main building.

I think it is one of those things on your bucket list, seen it, done it, tick it off. I’m glad I’ve seen the rocks, but would I have paid full price to see them…. I personally think it was a lot of money for something you can only see from afar.

Stonehenge is one of life’s mysteries, how did they get there, what are they for, how long have they been there and I think this is what draws visitors to see them, myself included.

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  1. I love seeing where you’ve been on your travels , hearing all about the wonderful history that some of them are steeped in , look forward to the next edition .

    • Many thanks.
      Lots more adventures from the past to follow, not many in future planned, ( Coronavirus hitting the travel world badly )

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